FAQ: How Do You Know When Wheat Hay Is Fresh?

Wheat Hay: Cattle Love It

Wheat hay can have an 18% protein content, is very palatable, and has a sweet taste that cattle enjoy; in comparison to alfalfa, which can cost $100-$120 per ton in many cases, wheat hay can cost $50-$60 per ton.

A Tight Window

If hail strikes a field at the wrong time, the value of the crop for grain can be drastically reduced. High-quality wheat hay has 58% digestible nutrients, the same as alfalfa. Other small grain-hays can be stored at a reasonable cost.

How can you tell if hay is fresh?

A bleached, yellow, brown, or black color may indicate aged hay, mold, or poor storage conditions, while a bleached, yellow, brown, or black color may indicate mold or poor storage conditions. Storage condition and age have a significant effect on vitamin content of hays.

Is year old hay still good?

In general, hay that is two to three years old can be fed if stored properly, so before you throw out last year’s hay, give it a once-over and feel confident feeding it if everything looks good.

Can moldy hay cause colic?

Moldy hay can cause digestive upset, which can lead to serious abdominal pain (colic), and in rare cases, toxic molds in hay can cause life-threatening illness.

Can you Ted hay with dew on it?

If the drying conditions are poor and rain is forecasted or the hay is heavy, te it a second time. This applies to any type of hay, grass, legume, or mix; if there are a lot of legumes, use slow rpm and do it with the dew on. You may only have a few hours to get it right.

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What is the best time of day to cut hay?

With all of these considerations in mind, the best time to cut hay is early in the morning after the dew has dried off, or u201cmake hay while the sun shines!u201d As the old saying goes, u201cmake hay while the sun shines!u201d

How many days should hay dry before baling?

Because hay requires three days of good weather to cure, which can be difficult in late May or early June, a good strategy is to mow a day before or immediately after it rains, assuming that the weather will be good for the next few days.

How long after cutting hay can you bale it?

Subject: How long does your hay take to dry before baling? Cut first thing in the morning, ted about 2-4 hours later, do nothing the next day, rake as soon as the dew is gone (-48 hours after cutting), let dry about 3 hours, and bale.

Is my hay dry enough to bale?

To keep molding and heating to a minimum, hay in small rectangular bales should be baled at less than 22 percent moisture. Large round bales retain internal heat much longer than conventional bales, so hay should be less than 18 percent moisture before baling.

Does raking hay help it dry?

Raking causes wetter hay to roll from the bottom of the swath to the outer surface of the windrow, improving drying. However, as swath density increases, drying rate decreases, so crop moisture content at raking is important.

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Is 3 year old hay still good?

Hay is likely suitable for consumption for two to three years if it was of good quality when harvested and stored in a dry place with adequate airflow. Keep in mind that hay, even premium forage, loses much of its vitamin content in the first few months of storage.

How can you tell if hay is moldy?

Cut open a bale of hay and separate the flakes. Look for mold in any of the flakes; moldy hay has darker areas that are grey or black. If you find mold, refuse the bale; mold indicates that the hay was baled when it was too wet.

How long do hay bales last outside for decoration?

If you keep your straw bales out of the elements, especially moisture, they can last for years; however, if they are allowed to absorb moisture and heat, as in a straw bale garden or planter, for example, they will begin to break down and only last for one growing season.

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