Often asked: Farming Simulator 15 When Can I Cut Wheat?

Grain – Farming Simulator 15 Game Guide

Grain is the first type of plant you’ll grow, and you’ll need a cultivator and a sowing machine, as well as a tractor with a tipper to load the crop harvested by the harvester.


You can sow wheat, barley, or canola, and by purchasing a sprayer as soon as possible, you will be able to harvest larger crops on each field. Canola, despite its high price, produces smaller crops, making it the least viable option.


Corn is the least profitable plant; the yield per hectare is comparable to wheat and barley, but the price in stores is significantly lower; to begin growing corn, you must purchase a special sowing machine that can sow corn and sugar beets.

Where do I take wheat in Farming Simulator?

It is best to sell your grain in a grain elevator; regardless of which purchase point you select, the selling process is the same: you must drive the tractor to a special location where you can unload it.

How do you empty the grain on farming simulator?

If you don’t have a trailer, you’ll have to jump in the harvestor and manually extend the chute to line it up with the trailer, and it’ll start emptying automatically.

Can you mow wheat in fs19?

This mod allows it to use a mower to harvest wheat, barley, oat, rye, and triticale within the last green growth state (if installed in the map).

How do you fertilize wheat in Farming Simulator 19?

You can fertilize the field before sowing/planting, but only at each subsequent plant growth stage. Fertilize the field twice for maximum efficiency: preferably during sowing/planting and at any stage of plant growth – but not before they are ready for harvest.

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What do silos do in Farming Simulator 19?

Private silo In the store, go to Others -> Silos and you’ll find two sizes of classic silos for $110,000 and $180,000, respectively, with capacities of 100,000l and 200,000l, that you can place anywhere on your parcel and use to unload and load goods, as well as expand their capacity.

How do you fill fertilizer in Farming Simulator 2019?

Fill a sprinkler with herbicides to get rid of weeds, and a seeder needs seeds. To fill your machines with goods, attach them to a vehicle (unless they are self-propelled), buy the right pallet in the Shop, and drive the vehicle with the machine to that pallet.

Can you attach a trailer to a harvester fs19?

Your combine harvester can tow a semi-trailer in the game, but you can only do so with auger wagons; you won’t be able to do so with regular semi-trailers.

Where do you take potatoes in Farming Simulator 2019?

Harvest: First, remove the foliage with a tractor-mounted haulm cutter, then dig them up with a tractor-mounted potato harvester.

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