Quick Answer: Who Robbed Design Lunar In Wheat Field?

‘Love Nikki’ Miraland Quiz Answers: Answers To All April 2019 Event Questions

The Love Nikki Miraland Quiz will take place from April 13 to April 22 and is a great way to earn extra coins, stamina, and other materials. We’ve put together a guide on how to participate, as well as rewards and answers to all known quiz questions.

How Does The Miraland Quiz April 2019 Event Work?

The April 2019 Miraland Quiz will take place from April 13 to 22, and you will be rewarded with gems, coins, star coins, and stamina, as well as larger rewards after a certain number of correct answers. All of the rewards for the event are listed below.

Miraland Quiz Rewards

Correct Answers: Teddy Feelings, 12,500 Gold; Turtleneck Shirt, 40 Stamina; 59 Correct Answers: 1 Crystal Shoe, 20 Star Coins; 69 Correct Answers: 1 Crystal Shoe, 20 Star Coins.

Miraland Quiz Answers For Clothing and Trivia Quizzes

The Miraland Quiz is a set of clothing and lore questions designed to put players’ knowledge of Middle-earth to the test through the eyes of an omnivorous inquisitive euphorist.

Clothing Quizzes

Tap on the type of item shown in the question to find the answer to a clothing question; some questions will show a “customized” version of the item, so don’t skim just for the right color.

Trivia/Lore Quizzes

The Official Love Nikki Facebook group is collecting questions for a trivia quiz. Check the linked spreadsheet to see if your question has been added. Questions include: How many nations are there in Miraland? What do Easter Bunnies represent? What does Momo usually wear? What takes the longest time in life in Bits quests?

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Who robbed the design of lunar?

Who stole Lunar’s design in Wheat Field, according to AppGamer? Mela stole the design.

What’s special cloth owned by Lunars family?

Lunar’s mother is the kind and talented Lady of Cloud Mill, who runs the Silk Shop, which produces a very unique and expensive cloth known as Cloud Calico, and she never left the Cloud Empire during her childhood.

What’s the only island nation in Miraland?

Ruin Island, a secluded island east of Miraland and one of the 7 Nations, is home to Momo of Miraland, the Master.

Which suit belongs to Mori girls?

Mori Girl is a Reconstruction-created Apple suit that can be obtained through Evolution.

Which style is the weakness of Bai jinjin?

Bai Jinjin’s weakness is pigeon style.

What is the real identity of tuda?

Tuda’s true identity is Son of Tribe Chieftain, according to AppGamer.

What is the true identity of wasteland?

Iron Rose Legion is the true identity of Wasteland Priest Ransa.

Is love Nikki offline?

You can also make new friends by participating in various in-game activities; follow us on Facebook – Love Nikki – to receive regular free game benefits; and there are many interesting online and offline activities waiting for your participation on a daily basis.

Which suits are not included in NPC?

Sofia is the only NPC whose suit isn’t included in all four seasons, according to AppGamer.

How many suits are there in time yard?

After completing one of the four suits (Stellar Atlas, Flute’s Thoughts, Cloud’s Smile, and Warmth Nearby, respectively), the male equivalent suits can be claimed (Stellar Atlas, Flute’s Thoughts, Cloud’s Smile, and Warmth Nearby).

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How many parts are there in Star Sea?

When sea stars are born, they are symmetrical, meaning their right and left sides are identical, but as they grow, they develop five similar parts.

Which nation of the Miraland does Bobo?

Bobo is a character in Love Nikki who befriends Nikki at the start of her journey through Miraland. She is a girl from Lilith Kingdom.

What’s nidhogg’s Favourite small animal?

Use the on-page filter or CTRL F to quickly find the question you’re looking for.

What is the target suit at the end of Chapter 3?

AppGamer’s Answer: The target suit at the end of Chapter 3 is a rock singer.

How can we get the master magician set?

The Pigeon suit Master Magician can be obtained through draws in the Pavilion of Fantasy.

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