Who Is The Leading Producer Of Wheat In Europe?

International wheat production statistics

The table below lists all countries with a typical production quantity of at least 2 million metric tons, based on FAOSTAT and International Grains Council data.


FAOSTAT, Countries – Select All; Regions – World (Total) Elements – Production Quantity; Items – Wheat; Years – 2016 “Crops” Archived 2013-01-14 at the Wayback Machine, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FAOSTAT, FA

Which country is largest producer of wheat?

China is the world’s leading wheat producer, with 134,250 thousand tonnes produced in 2020, accounting for 20.66% of global wheat production.

Who is the leading producer of wheat?

China has the most land area dedicated to wheat production, followed by the United States, India, and the Russian Federation, with Kazakhstan and Canada ranking fifth and sixth, respectively, with about half the area of the top four countries.

Which European country produces wheat?

According to Eurostat, the largest wheat producing EU member countries over the last ten years have been France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, with the United Kingdom leading the pack in 2019. Flour millers in this region prefer to use homegrown wheat over imported wheat.

Which two countries are the leading producer of wheat?

China, India, and Russia dominate wheat production, accounting for 46% of global production, according to USDA statistics. China holds this high position due to a good crop yield of 5.5 t/ha last year, with a total of 132 mln t harvested by agriproducers.

Which is the largest tea producing country in the world?

China remained the world’s largest tea producer, producing 1.9 million tonnes in 2013, accounting for more than 38% of global output, while India, the second largest producer, increased production to 1.2 million tonnes in 2013.

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Which country produces the best quality wheat?

Countries that Produce the Most Wheat

  1. China (134,340,630 tons)
  2. India (98,510,000 tons)
  3. Russia (85,863,132 tons)
  4. United States (47,370,880 tons)
  5. France (36,924,938 tons)
  6. Australia (31,818,744 tons)
  7. Canada (29,984,200 tons)
  8. Pakistan (26,674,000 tons)

Which country is No 1 in rice production?

Rice, paddy production quantity China is the world’s leading producer of rice, paddy, with 211 million tonnes produced in 2019, accounting for 27.92% of global rice, paddy production.

Who is the biggest rice producer in the world?

China is the world’s leading rice producer, followed by India.

Which country is the largest producer of wheat and rice?

China is the world’s largest producer of wheat, rice, and potatoes, as well as the world’s second and third largest producers of maize and sugarcane.

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