FAQ: What To Do When Your Wheat Number Is Higher Than The Other In Godus?


Certain Advance Cards that increase the level of interactivity within your village or city require specialist building types to be unlocked.


Farmers are spawned from Farming Settlements and Farming Villages, and they collect wheat to feed members of your civilization. Calling a farmer from a settlement is the same as calling a follower from an abode. A farmer will find a plot within a radius of the settlement and begin constructing a field.

How do I get rid of the astari Temple?

You can take over their land by killing all of their population with the Finger of God or Meteor Strikes, or by simply tapping the trees with the Finger of God or Meteor Strikes, which will cause the trees to burn and some Astari people to come out and try to put out the fire.

How do I get more wheat fields in Godus?

After the game is unlocked, clear plots near a settlement, then release Farmers from the settlement, who will plant a field of crops as soon as they reach the plots. Farmers will only work during the day, and they will return to the settlement with harvested wheat, which will be added to your supply.

What do you do with ores in Godus?

Ore is required to build Reinforced Beacons, and miners can also be used to mine for Gems once the Mine for Gems card is unlocked. Reinforced beacons require the ore you collect.

How do you cheat on Godus?

Godus: Here are the top ten tips, hints, and cheats you’ll need to improve your game.

  1. Boost your workers on a regular basis for instant belief and building completion.
  2. Don’t use leashes unless absolutely necessary.
  3. Follow the butterflies.
  4. Keep followers happy with the God Seed.
  5. Voyages are a quick way to rack up stickers.
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Can you complete Godus?

“No. Godus is an ongoing project, on both PC and mobile,” Phillips said. “There’s lots of areas to support on the project, as you can imagine.”

How do you destroy houses in Godus?

In the powers menu, select the Finger of God icon. You then have ten seconds to use your finger by left-clicking on the landscape and pressing your finger on the desired locations. Abodes smashed with your finger are destroyed, along with the Followers inside, leaving rocks behind.

How do I get more farmers in Godus?

You need to build more nearby abodes that are within the radius of the Farming Settlement; the more houses you stick to one Settlement, the more farmers you’ll have at that one Settlement.

Is Godus free on Steam?

Yes, Godus Wars is free to all previous Godus Kickstarter backers and owners – it should appear in your Steam library automatically, but if it doesn’t, please let us know!u201d

How do I make plots in Godus?

In Weyworld, Fields can only be placed on green-colored Verdant Land, and Mines can only be placed on dark-colored Rugged Land. When a plot is created, a number appears in the upper-lefthand corner corresponding to the size of abode that can be built on it.

How do mining settlements work Godus?

When a settlement is ready to send out a Miner, a grey follower with a pickaxe will appear above the settlement, similar to when an abode is able to build on a nearby Plot. Clicking on the settlement will send out the Miner.

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What happens when you build the ark in Godus?

This arc will transport all of the followers who worked on it to a new land full of mysteries and adventures. The Ark will take a long time to build and will require a lot of resources; up to 300 followers will embark on the journey, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to return to this homeworld at any time.

How do you get higher in Godus?

You must gain more followers and unlock the larger abodes from the timeline to unlock higher ranks of buildings.

Can you combine settlements in Godus?

You cannot combine two Settlements; however, if your land is becoming overcrowded, you can try adding Abodes to existing Settlements rather than creating new ones; you may need to upgrade your Settlements capacity to build larger Settlements.

How do I give homeless astari a home?

If that doesn’t work, have your builders build a house, then leash them away, and then leash the Astari into it.

Is Godus still being updated?

Godus is a video game in the god game genre developed by 22cans and published by DeNA. While the mobile versions of the game are still being updated, the early access Steam release hasn’t seen an update since 2016.

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